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ABC Powermarine Jet Ski Policy


In August 2020, an accident occurred at Menai Bridge in which a passenger on a RIB died following a collision with a jet ski. 


This happened at a time when there was already considerable pressure from local residents and users of the Menai Strait about vessels - and jet skis in particular - operating at high speed in the confined waterway. In the immediate aftermath of the accident, Caernarfon Harbour Trust imposed a new speed limit between the Britannia Bridge and Y Felinheli, bringing an end to many years of use of that part of the Strait for waterskiing. 

Many of the issues have arisen from the use of jet skis being used to perform high-velocity manoeuvres and close passes to other vessels, causing concern and disturbance to other people afloat; while the noise disturbance has caused many complaints from local residents.


Footage emerged of jet skis being driven through rafts of seabirds near Puffin Island in 2021 and again in May 2022, on the latter occasion with at least one bird found dead. Both these incidents gained national media coverage. 


In the last month or so, jet skis have been seen slaloming under Bangor Pier, deliberately soaking passengers on trip boats operating from Beaumaris and again being driven through flocks of sea birds. Such behaviour is utterly irrespobsible.


Against this background, Anglesey County Council have implemented their own review of boating laws on the eastern Menai Strait, which is likely to introduce new restrictions on boating. The continued problems of the irresponsible use of jet skis (and other craft) thus poses a significant risk to future boating on the Menai Strait. 



Our response


This is not a new issue. Following similar issues over a decade ago, we entirely banned jet skis from using our facilities to launch. However, after requests and reassurances from some long-standing customers, we relaxed that policy to allow use of our launching facilities by jet skis stored in our yard on a long-term basis. Over time, we have become flexible with that requirement.

However, the recent events have made it clear that irresponsible jet ski use is far too common and so, with immediate effect, we have reverted to only allowing jet skis stored in our yard on a long-term basis to be launched from our premises.


The number of jet skis stored in the yard will be limited; and the owners will be required to abide by a code of conduct: if that code is broken, they will not longer be allowed to store their craft with us. 


This is not a decision we have taken lightly, but unfortunately we feel that we have no alternative given the threat posed to boating on the Menai Strait, to our other customers and indeed to our own business.



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