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Mercury 75 Years

Mercury have been building outboards since the company was founded in 1939 and has consistently emphasized quality, performance, innovation and reliability.

Mercury engines surpass industry standards and your expectations in terms of reliability, performance, and fuel economy. Every Mercury outboard is designed to ensure that your time on the water is safe, fun, and enjoyable.

ABC Powermarine are Anglesey's only Mercury Service Centre. We supply the full range of Mercury Outboards from 2.5hp to 350hp and provide the full service back-up you'd expect, with factory-trained engineers using the latest computer diagnostic tools.

Mercury's range is split into three families: Verado, a masterpiece of outboard reliability, fuel efficiency, and kick-in-the-pants performance; OptiMax, the perfect choice for water sports; and Four-Stroke, where Mercury is a leader in technology. Please click on the links below to find out more.

Four-Stroke - 2.5hp to 150hp Mercury 4-Strokes Mercury Four-Stroke

Mercury Four-Stroke outboards have long led the industry in clean, quiet, fuel-efficient outboard power - and now the gap is even wider with the introduction of the new mid-range and 150hp four-strokes, built on an all-new technology platform.

Mercury engineers combined innovative engineering with advanced reliability features to make Mercury 4-stroke outboards run cleaner, quieter and deliver smooth, responsive performance - all while cutting your fuel and maintenance bills.

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Verado - 135hp to 350hp Mercury Verado Mercury Verado

Before Mercury Verado outboards, conventional four-strokes were reliable, but disappointing on performance. Mercury changed that when it introduced the revolutionary supercharged Verado.

Verado is the ultimate four-stroke outboard, combining supercharged performance with unmatched driving experience, precise control and reliability - and the quietest, smoothest ride ever produced by an outboard.

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OptiMax - 75hp to 250hp Mercury Optimax Mercury OptiMax

Mercury OptiMax outboards are the next generation, changing the face of boating. Once you board an OptiMax-powered craft you'll never look back

OptiMax can save considerably on fuel costs, even compared to many four-stroke engines. The class-leading power-to-weight advantages give excellent acceleration and overall performance.

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Two-Stroke - 2.5hp to 250hp Mercury 2-Strokes Mercury Two-Stroke

Mercury two-stroke outboards are no longer available for sale in Europe, following European Union legislation on emissions controls. However, data on the Mercury 2-stroke outboard range has been retained on our website as a reference source, reflecting 2006 production.

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