Boat Storage at Gallows Point

Our Facilities

ABC Powermarine offer facilities for boat storage and hauling out in both the Boatyard and the North Yard at Gallows Point, Beaumaris at competitive prices (see below). Our facilities include:

  • On-site, well-stocked Chandlery
  • Slipway
  • Tractor launch service for trailered boats at all states of the tide
  • Boat hoist launching and recovery for yachts and powerboats
  • Modern amenities building with showers and WCs
  • Electric hook-up points (metered)
  • Water points (some metered)
  • CCTV
  • On-site petrol station selling fuel and convenience goods
  • Full marine engineering services
  • Valeting and hull polishing
  • Boat sales and brokerage

The slipway, situated in the boatyard, is tidal and may be accessed by boat approximately three hours either side of high water. It may be used free of charge by customers who have boats stored in the yard; and for visiting boat owners there are daily rates as well as an annual pass.

We operate a year-round, tractor 'park and launch' service, with reduced rates for boats stored in the yard. Our tractor launch service operates between 9.00am and 5.00pm at all states of the tide as we also launch and recover from the end of Gallows Point.

We use a modern Wise 14 tonne boat hoist for launching and recovery of larger power boats and yachts, capable of handling boats up to 46ft/14.0m length and 14ft/4.25m beam. The video below demonstrates the launching process.

We also operate a 15 tonne Roodberg boat parker for moving boats around the yard, as well as some launches and recoveries. The parker also enables us to move move boats into and out of the various marine industrial units at Gallows Point.

Storage Charges & Conditions

General conditions of storage

1.1 All boat storage is subject to our Terms of Business, available on request
1.2 Use of the yard and all facilities is solely at users' risk.
1.3 All boats are stored in the yard at owners' risk and should have adequate insurance cover. No vessels are covered by our insurance policy.
1.4 All boats must have third party insurance with a minimum of £3m cover. A copy of the cover note must be provided.
1.5 Vessels may be moved without notice in accordance with the good management of the site.
1.6 Use of vessels for overnight accommodation is solely at the discretion of the company.
1.7 All sails must be removed from the masts of yachts stored over winter.
1.8 All wind generators must be immobilised.
1.9 Non-boat trailers will be charged as empty boat trailers.
1.10 We do not allow the use of the slipway by jet skis unless they are stored in the yard.
1.11 Any boats/trailers found in the yard without having been booked in will be subject to a £50 administration fee and may be impounded pending proof of ownership.
1.12 Storage will be invoiced in advance, usually on a pro-rata basis. Payment is subject to our usual terms.
1.13 All yard and launch fees must be paid before the boat is removed.
1.14 These rates may be varied at our discretion and without notice.

The following prices apply to vessels hauled out by ABC Powermarine and stored in the Boatyard or the North Yard and are valid from 1st January 2019.

Storage of boats on trailers
Long term £18.20 per week (10 weeks minimum)
Jet skis
& sailing dinghies
£12.50 per week (10 weeks minimum)
Short-term £29.00 per week (£40.00 minimum / 10 days)
Weekend £29.00 (3 nights maximum)
Trailer only £9.50 per week (4 weeks minimum)
Kayaks £2.00 per week (4 weeks minimum)
Storage of boats blocked off or on cradles
Length overall Standard rate
(per week)
up to 20' (6.1m) £13.40 per week
21' (6.4m) £14.07 per week
22' (6.7m) £14.74 per week
23' (7.0m) £15.41 per week
24' (7.3m) £16.08 per week
25' (7.6m) £16.75 per week
26' (7.9m) £17.42 per week
27' (8.2m) £18.09 per week
28' (8.5m) £18.76 per week
29' (8.8m) £19.60 per week
30' (9.1m) £20.46 per week
31' (9.4m) £21.33 per week
32' (9.8m) £22.21 per week
33' (10.1m) £23.10 per week
34' (10.4m) £24.01 per week
35' (10.7m) £24.93 per week
36' (11.0m) £25.86 per week
37' (11.3m) £26.80 per week
38' (11.6m) £27.75 per week
39' (11.9m) £28.72 per week
40' (12.2m) £29.69 per week
41' (12.5m) £30.68 per week
42' (12.8m) £31.69 per week
43' (13.1m) £32.70 per week
44' (13.4m) £33.73 per week
45' (13.7m) £34.76 per week
46' (14.0m) £35.81 per week
Non-folding multihulls will be charged at the applicable rate plus a 25% surcharge.
All prices include VAT at the prevailing rate. E&OE.

In cases of persistent late payment (defined as 60 days plus on two or more occasions; or 90 days plus on one occasion), we reserve the right to surcharge ongoing storage by 12.5%, to be reassessed after 12 months.

Use of Slipway

2.1 The slipway is tidal and may be accessed by boat approximately three hours either side of high water.
2.2 The trailer storage includes use of the slipway.
2.3 We do not allow the use of the slipway by jet skis unless they are stored in the yard.
2.4 We operate a Wise 14 tonne boat hoist available for launching and lifting out, for boats stored in both the Boatyard and the North Yard at Gallows Point. Lifting charges are below.
2.5 Vessels may be launched / recovered by our staff and tractor, charged at our hourly rate and subject to the minimum charges listed in the table below. This service may not be available at all times.
2.6 Use of the slipway for launching and recovering boats not stored in the yard, by customers' own vehicles (not tractors) is charged as per the table below.

Lifting & related charges
Charge per lift by boat hoist (capacity: 14 tonnes) £5.40 per foot LOA
Pressure washing of underwater area of boats £1.50 per foot LOA
Shoring of yachts stored in their own cradle (minimum charge) £20.00
Cradle hire (shoring charge included) Medium / 5T T-form £5.00 per week
Large / 9T T-form £6.00 per week
Slipway charges
Tractor launch and recovery Daily rate £33.00
Daily rate for yard storage customers £26.00
Tractor launch or recovery Daily rate £20.00
Self-launch One day pass £13.50
12 month permit £125.00
All prices include VAT at the prevailing rate. Please note that all charges are minimum charges and that we reserve the right to charge according to our standard hourly rate.

Other Services

Other services
Storage of outboard engines in our workshops £1.20 per week
Storage of masts undercover £2.00 per week
Stepping and unstepping of masts Vessels up to 26ft £95.00
Vessels 26ft to 33ft £120.00
Vessels 34ft and up £180.00
Tows & taking to/from moorings (Beaumaris Bay, Friars Bay & Menai Bridge) £39.00
All prices include VAT at the prevailing rate. Please note that these charges are a guide only and we reserve the right to vary these charges charge according to our standard hourly rates.

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