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It's time to winterise!

Quicksilver 505 Wrapped

Have your boat professionally winterised by ABC Powermarine! 

We follow a comprehensive check list including fogging, draining and coating your engine cooling system in corrosion resistant anti-freeze. We also make your battery and fuel system safe for the winter period.

With a forecast for a cold winter, it's vital to have your engine protected against the possible effects of freezing, including cracked water jackets and even cracked blocks. Winterising also inhibits corrosion of engine components and ensures that your boat can be got ready for next season quickly and without extra hassle.  

We recommend having the engine winterised as part of a full end-of-season-service, in which case we'll winterise the boat free of charge! 


We also offer a shrink-wrapping service for boats - please contact us for further information. This process protects your boat while it's laid up over the winter. If you still require access over the winter, a zipped door can be installed and breather vents ensure air can still circulate. 

The marine shrink wrap system creates a weatherproof cover fitted 'as tight as a drum skin' that keeps the boat totally protected through the winter.

Prices are from £35 per metre. Contact us for further information. 


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