Quicksilver Activ Cruiser

Quicksilver Activ 605 Cruiser Activ 605 Cruiser Choose to cruise

The Activ 605 Cruiser has got longer and wider compared to its predecessor, but it’s still our most compact cruiser. The redesign gives you a bigger, more streamlined boat. Also interesting to know: your increased cruising comfort is coupled with longer cruising, thanks to the biggest fuel tank in this category.

Ideal for day trips with family and friends, features such as a dining table provide a sociable space to gather; whilst storage spaces have been devised to keep all your sporting and leisure gear handily tucked away but readily accessible when required.

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Quicksilver Activ 675 Cruiser Activ 675 Cruiser Sleek, sporty and spacious!

The Activ 675 Cruiser stands out by its sleek design and sheer lines giving it both a sporty and classic look. The looks of the boat go hand in hand with its performance: with up to 225 hp supplied by the new line up of Mercury engines, the boat becomes a true joy to pilot and offers excellent handling, even for the most demanding boaters.

Up to 7 people can indulge in this true boating experience whilst they are reassured by a boat design that puts safety first with an excellent hull design and high freeboards.

Detailed Specification

Quicksilver Activ 755 Cruiser Activ 755 Cruiser Enjoy the view!

Break away for a day trip or a weekend on the water. The Activ 755 Cruiser’s deep cockpit and full windscreen keep you and your passengers safe and dry during the ride. Inside, the cabin’s wide windows offer the best views you’ll ever find in a 7-meter boat.

Customisation is key. The cockpit area offers 3 configurations, several packs allow for significant upgrades of the boat’s accessories and there’s a whole range of Mercury engines available.

Detailed Specification

Quicksilver Activ 805 Cruiser Activ 805 Cruiser Luxury performance!

Designed with attention to detail, the Activ 805 Cruiser is our flagship model for day cruising. Refinement, power, safety and comfort are the key values you’ll appreciate in this smart new addition to our line-up.

Powered by up to 400hp of Mercury single or twin outboard power and accommodating up to nine for day cruising and refined sport and leisure use with family and friends, the Activ 805 Cruiser is the ultimate in smooth and stylish performance on the water.

Detailed Specification

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