Quicksilver Activ Open

Quicksilver Activ 455 Open Activ 455 Open The adventure starts here!

The Quicksilver Activ 455 Open combines all the ingredients for safe cruising in an ultra-modern, versatile and ergonomic package. Step aboard with family and friends and cast off for a smooth and relaxing ride.

Detailed Specification

Quicksilver Activ 505 Open Activ 505 Open Made for life!

The Activ 505 Open combines form and function in equal measures. Sporty styling, outstanding features and great value set it apart. And from the largest swimming platform to the best console storage, it repeatedly scores best in category. Make the most of the integrated rod holders with some light fishing, have fun on the water thanks to the optional ski pole or just convert the cockpit and relax in the sun lounge. And we’ve taken your concerns on-board with a high freeboard for increased child safety. The optional comfort pack adds more fun to every voyage with a cockpit table along with sun lounge and cockpit cushions.

Detailed Specification

Quicksilver Activ 555 Open Activ 555 Open Make the sea your playground!

Aboard the Quicksilver Activ 555 Open you can enjoy all the fun and freedom of being on the water with complete ease, knowing that this is a versatile, solidly designed boat with plenty of walk-around space and safety features making it perfect when children are on board. From relaxing in the sun to catching fish, everything's simple.

Detailed Specification

Quicksilver Activ 605 Open Activ 605 Open Fun packed!

Pleasure seekers won’t hesitate to take to the water in the Activ 605 Open. Opportunities to have fun abound and it’s the ideal choice for light fishing, water sports or simply soaking up the sun. It also comes with some of the award-winning features of the Activ 675 Open, such as easy sun lounge conversion and intelligent use of space. It’s no surprise the Activ 605 Open makes best in category for storage capacities, largest carrying capacity and best access from water to cockpit.

Detailed Specification

Quicksilver Activ 675 Open Activ 675 Open Freedom to play!

Open up to a world of escape and fun. With clever use of space and a well-thought-out layout plus on-board comfort surrounding you, this is a boat that switches from water sports to cruising to relaxing with ease so that you can truly enjoy all the freedom of being on the water. And you can do it with even more style on board the striking Sport edition.

Detailed Specification

Quicksilver Activ 755 Open Activ 755 Open Discover the true meaning of freedom!

Sleek, powerful and very versatile, the Activ 755 Open offers a whole new level of performance and safety, providing one of the coolest rides in the 7 metres range. Speed, excellent handling and a variety of fun and performance options make it the perfect choice for water sports and fast cruising for up to eight people, while the interior accommodation is designed to overnight two.

Detailed Specification

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